Monitoring is a critical component of assurance and risk mitigation and a best practice for any injection operation.

Monitoring is designed to control the ongoing performance of the disposal system and of the waste containment by providing continuous surveillance of the operations.

Advantek® has worldwide experience in leveraging the integration of monitoring workflows and software (@SSURE®, @FRAC™, @IPT™) with data capturing systems. This integration allows for real-time data gathering and analysis in a cloud-based application.

Monitoring is conducted as long as the disposal system is active and includes:

  • Daily, weekly, quarterly, and yearly reports
  • Alarm systems for continuous risk identification and mitigation
  • Trends identification, flag areas for concern, and advise on necessary operational or design adjustments to optimize the system
  • Quarterly and annual operational summaries based on daily and weekly reports
  • Periodic injection fall-off test and step rate test, conducted and analyzed for all injectors
  • Optimization of operations and extension of the life of the well
  • Assistance in preparing regulatory reports and filings

Reporting during monitoring is key for sharing and act on information for operations and for permitting requirements.

Screenshot of well monitoring software