ADVANTEK’s team has spent decades advancing and promulgating the state of the art of deep well injection. We use this experience to minimize the impacts from human activities on our land, air, water, and climate.

Disposal Wells

Our strategically located facilities accept a range of materials and safely emplace them into permanent geological sequestration. This removes them completely from the biosphere such that they can never leach into groundwater or drinking water aquifers, or come into human contact.

Sample list of accepted materials include:

    • Non-hazardous fluids
    • Biosolids, sewage sludge, and organic materials
    • Oilfield wastes
    • Brine pond sludges
    • Mineralized materials

A complete list of materials our facilities accept can be found here.

Turnkey development, Operations and Maintenance

Our engineering and field operations teams are the very best in the industry. Our turnkey operations include feasibility studies to confirm formation suitability to injection, permitting, site and well design, construction, operations, monitoring, and maintenance. With over millions of barrels safely injected during decades, ADVANTEK has mastered all the aspects of deep well injection. We can tailor projects to specific clients’ needs from service provider, turnkey operations, to partnerships.

Consulting & Software Licensing

For decades, our team has advised some of the world’s most important industrial and service companies on all matters of waste management through our library of best practices, state of the art injection well design and monitoring platform, vast experience in solids control, and deep project and operations management experience. This global experience and knowledge has been extended to multiple areas such as municipal water treatment plants, oil and gas operations, naturally occurring radioactive materials, mining & power, used greases & oils, food, and concentrated animal feedlot waste.