Complex Waste Management Solutions

We’re pioneering the best and most advanced techniques in the safe and permanent disposal of complex wastes for a cleaner, more sustainable world.

We all have a duty to preserve our planet.

Now more than ever, finding new ways to safely dispose of complex waste without adversely affecting the health and well-being of humans and our environment is critical.

At Advantek®, our global mission is to safely remove complex and carbon-bearing waste from the ecosphere — forever — by utilizing state-of-the-art waste sequestration technology and Deep Expertise™ built upon decades of field experience to permanently isolate oil and gas waste, leachate, PFAS, biosolids, petrochemical waste, carbon dioxide, and more.

We believe in responsibly and safely pushing the boundaries of what is possible with injection wells, including carbon sequestration, PFAS elimination, and more to preserve our environment for the future.

Our advanced waste management services push the state of the art forward.

Injection Wells

Injection wells are the safest, most inexpensive, and most permanent solution for managing complex solid, liquid, and gaseous waste materials. Injection wells work by permanently sequestering waste deep underground, eliminating the need for reserve pits, land-farms, landfills, or discharge into the environment.

Advantek utilizes Deep Expertise to select locations, design wells, and implement advanced monitoring solutions to prevent negative impacts to the environment.

Advantek’s Terminal Island Site
The world’s first organic waste injection facility, sequestering the carbon from 20% of all biosolids produced by the City of Los Angeles.

Consulting Services

Since 1999, Advantek has played a crucial role in optimizing environmentally sustainable waste sequestration solutions while balancing competing constraints, including facility permitting, and capital considerations. Our consulting services allow our clients to meet their ESG standards by performing feasibility studies, well permitting and reporting, injection monitoring, data analytics, well and reservoir geomechanics, and CO2 sequestration.

CO2 Sequestration

Reducing emissions isn’t enough. Advantek pioneers novel and permanent solutions to remove carbon emissions from our atmosphere and preserve the health of our environment using geologic sequestration, which stores CO2 underground to help reverse the negative effects of climate change.

We work with project developers all around the world to identify, assess, and permit viable sites for CO2 sequestration, and deploy our Deep Expertise to operate and monitor their CO2 sequestration sites.

@SSURE® for Injection Design &  Surveillance

Our proprietary, cloud-based monitoring software platform @SSURE enables subsurface engineers of all experience levels to easily assess subsurface fluid injection and automate injection well monitoring. @SSURE provides easy-to-use collaborative tools for worldwide engineering teams and gives team members the ability to access real-time data and execute detailed well performance analyses using best-in-class simulators.

@SSURE is a best-in-class tool for injection well design and surveillance.