Advantek’s team has spent decades advancing and promulgating the state of the art of oilfield waste management. We use this experience to enable our customers to responsibly access their energy resources.

Treatment and Recycling

Whether from produced water, flowback water, spent drilling mud, tank bottoms, drill cuttings, or any other source, oilfield wastes contain within them valuable materials which can be extracted and recycled or sold.

In doing so, we minimize the volumes of waste which must be disposed while producing valuable revenue streams. Our sites will combine best in class proprietary technologies in the areas of slurry injection, thermal desorption, osmotic filtration, fluid softening, electro-kinetics and others. Using these techniques, we recycle valuable oil, mud, water, and brine fractions from oilfield waste streams before disposing of the unrecoverable fractions using injection techniques which we have perfected for over 20 years.

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Our services include:

After valuable components are extracted and recycled, the remaining fractions must be disposed. At Advantek, we innovated and promulgated the technique of slurry injection (also called cuttings re-injection) across the industry.

Slurry injection can take a full spectrum of oilfield waste and secure it through permanent geological sequestration where it will never leach into groundwater or shallow acquifers or come into human contact.

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Turnkey site development and field operations supervision

Our engineering and field operations teams are the very best in the industry. If you have a permit or a site which is in need of development or operational support, Advantek can help.

Consulting and Software Licensing

For decades, our team has advised the world’s most important oil companies and services companies on all matters of waste management through our library of best practices, state of the art injector design and monitoring platform, vast experience in solids control, and deep project and operations management experience.

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