“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; rather, we borrow it from our children.”

-Native American Proverb



Sustainability & ESG

Leading the Way to Sustainable Practices … Beyond Compliance

Since our founding, Advantek® has been at the center of a global mission to minimize the impacts of human industrial activity on our land, air, water, and climate. We do this because we believe that is the only way to enable sustainable human progress. This belief is grounded in our company values of family, pragmatism, knowledge, and stewardship.

For more than 30 years, our founders have been committed to pioneering leading-edge techniques like slurry injection for the permanent sequestration of complex and carbon-bearing wastes. With the mindset that compliance is not a high enough standard for stewardship, we have led the charge to raise the bar in permitting and reporting.

To build a sustainable economy, we must recognize that wastes will continue to be generated even after efforts are applied to reducing, reusing, and recycling everything we can, and that these wastes end up either discharged in to the air, the land, or to waterways, or are buried underground. A properly designed and monitored injection well is by far the most protective means of managing wastes by allowing them to be sequestered outside of the biosphere permanently. That is why Advantek continues to develop advanced technologies for the design, operations, and permanent monitoring of injection wells.

At Advantek®, doing what is right to build a more sustainable world – for our generation and those to come – is at the core of everything that we do.


For Advantek, protecting the world for our descendants means going beyond compliance to verifiable and permanent waste sequestration. We are constantly working to improve the technologies available for removing complex and carbon bearing wastes from our biosphere. Advantek and our principals have led the way by:

  • Developing and promulgating patented slurry injection techniques for remediation of contaminated industrial sites over 30 years ago.
  • Safely sequestering billions of gallons of waste from industrial and municipal activities in projects designed, monitored, or operated by our team.
  • Sharing our knowledge through nearly 200 published papers in the technical literature, on topics ranging from slurry injection to carbon sequestration, thereby ensuring that others can gain the benefit of our technology development investments.
  • Partnering with our clients to help them achieve their own environmental stewardship, carbon removal, and energy transition goals.
  • Helping our clients eliminate 3.14 million metric tons of CO2 emissions equivalent since 2008, with a goal of exceeding 10 million tons of GHG offsets by 2050.


As a company rooted in family, people are at the heart of our mission to protect our world:

  • Our projects make a positive impact in the communities we serve by protecting resources that contribute to human health.
  • From the time we hired our very first employee, we offered a full package of benefits including health insurance (fully covered for the employee), a 401k with company match, paid vacation and sick leave, and others. We pay above the median income in the communities where we operate.
  • We put safety and environmental stewardship ahead of financial concerns
  • We build diverse teams of people, whether measured by educational attainment, gender, race or ethnicity, and offer an inclusive working environment where people can be themselves so that they can be their best.
  • We invest in our people and their talent – with a commitment to ongoing education, professional development and promoting from within.


At Advantek, good governance goes beyond operating with the utmost of integrity and ethical standards. It also includes pushing our regulators and our customers to adopt smarter and higher standards that go beyond compliance.

  • We engage with our customers and regulatory partners to improve the standards for managing injection wells, including transparency, auditability, and traceability of injected wastes.
  • We deliver technologies which support substantially, greater fidelity in operational performance, raising the bar on what can be understood from acquired data in service of greater assurance of permanent waste sequestration.
  • We provide our investors and customers with audited financial results and we abide strictly with FCPA and anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ESG?

ESG encompasses a set of standards for measuring a company’s environmental, social, and governance performance. Advantek’s criteria support our commitment to sustainability and the idea that human progress is dependent upon preserving and protecting our environment.

Who makes up the governing leadership of Advantek?

Advantek is led by executive management team and a board of directors which include independent directors unaffiliated with our investors. Our management team and board are deeply experienced professionals whose reputations and commitment to safety and good governance always come ahead of financial concerns.  Meet our team

What drives Advantek’s ESG strategy?

The idea that our work serves a higher purpose – to protect the Earth for future generations – is embedded in our culture and derive from our company values of family, stewardship, knowledge and pragmatism. Our employees are the face of our ESG proposition, manifested both by the culture we have built internally and by how our teams represent our values in their interactions with our customers, regulators, or partners.

How does Advantek help improve standards across the industries in which it operates?

Advantek regularly interacts with our partners and regulators, sharing best practices and demonstrating how new technologies can make higher standards achievable. For example, we have shown how digital data acquisition can enable greater understanding of sequestration reservoirs which can lead to higher standards and reporting requirements.

Ready to Help Save the World?

Advantek can help every step of the way for injection projects– from permitting and design, to operations and monitoring.