ADVANTEK is building a cleaner more sustainable world. We are doing so by using injection wells to minimize the impacts from human activities on our land, air, water, and climate through better management of complex and liquid wastes.

ADVANTEK applies four core values to the work we do every day:


We invest in the success of our colleagues as we would our families’ successes. We collaborate openly because we know that we are more successful when we work with others with an open spirit. We never shy away from telling hard truths.


A sustainable planet must use scarce resources thoughtfully. We know our capital is scarce and so we use care and thought in spending it. We all roll up our sleeves and pitch in where we can. No task is beneath us if it needs to get done.


We believe in science and the outcomes of critical scientific thinking. We differentiate ourselves by our Deep ExpertiseTM, constantly identifying how we can push the state of the art forward and to continually improving the environmental our performance of our facilities and our customer’s operations. We are always honest with our colleagues, our customers, our regulators, and our partners.


We take very seriously that our colleagues, partners, and customers trust us to operate in a way that preserves their safety and preserves the environment for our children and their children. We view all of our operational decisions through that lens, and place safe work and care for the environmental ahead of financial concerns.

Our Brand

Our logo tells the story of ADVANTEK and our values in one image.

 At the center is a stylized butterfly, which symbolizes our commitment to actively drive the industries we serve to adopt sustainable practices which balance humanity’s desire for progress with the need to preserve our environment for future generations.

The butterfly also represents our legacy advancing the science of geomechanics and subsurface injection. Our founder hypothesized, and later proved through field verified experimentation, that the domain occupied by injected slurrified materials rotates around the axis of the well as the direction of minimum horizontal stress is altered because of previously injected solids. A graphic representation of this became known as the “butterfly” in his talks and papers.

The wings of our logo’s butterfly are depicted using the infinity symbol, which reflect the permanence we deliver when we use injection wells for waste isolation / sequestration. The wings further recall our legacy advancing hydraulic fracturing modeling science, with each alternating pair symbolizing the characteristic bi-winged lobes of a modeled fracture.

The crimson ring which encapsulates our butterfly symbolizes containment, which is the single most important consideration for an operator when injecting material underground. The importance of this principle is reflected not just by its inclusion in our logo, but in the substantial investments we have made in developing and promulgating techniques for containment assurance.

Finally, our colors “Crimson” and “Carbon” each carry symbolic meaning. Crimson, the color of blood, symbolizes Family, one of our core values. Carbon reflects our legacy as an environmental company in the oilfields, as well as our present as we advance the state of the art in waste and CO2 sequestration.


Our Team

ADVANTEK is helmed by some of the best and brightest veterans in oilfield waste management.

Board Members

Our Investors

Advantek International Corporation

Based in Houston, Texas, Advantek International Corporation (“AIC”) is a globally recognized oil and gas consulting firm, specializing in data mining, software development, and geomechanics. AIC is a leading expert in all aspects of hydraulic fracturing, subsurface injection, and well integrity and performance. AIC’s clients include the world's most important energy and service companies.

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TPG Alternative & Renewable Technologies

TPG Alternative & Renewable Technologies (“TPG ART”) is managed by TPG, a leading global private investment firm founded in 1992 with $66 billion of assets under management and offices in San Francisco, Fort Worth, Austin, Dallas, Houston, New York, Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Luxembourg, Melbourne, Moscow, Mumbai, São Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo. TPG ART partners with companies dedicated to developing and deploying alternative and renewable technologies.

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