Coming Soon – Advantek®’s
Permian Basin Facilities

The Backbone for Improving ESG Performance Basin-wide

A Sustainable Solution and Convenient Access for West Texas Operators

Coming Soon – Once operational, our portfolio of permitted sites will serve as a comprehensive, basin-wide solution for oilfield operators looking to improve their ESG performance.

Our initial facility, a joint project with Waste Management, is located in Reeves County and has been open and operating safely since late 2018.

Like our other sites, our Permian facilities will safely dispose of all Class II (RCRA exempt) wastes including:

  • Completion waste – flowback water, gel water, friction reducer, cement, etc.
  • Drilling waste – oil and water base mud, dirty pit water, etc.
  • Production waste – produced water
  • Tank bottoms
  • Truck washout materials

Our permitted injection formations are determined by our team of engineers and based upon detailed geomechanical analyses. The formations are selected to provide ample storage capacity, permanent confinement of the injected wastes, and prevention of induced seismicity.

When operating, constant real-time injection monitoring is employed to ensure the integrity of the injection formation and containment of the injected slurry.

Safe sequestration

Permanent disposal

No additional treatment or transportation

Easy access and cost-effective




CLASS II Deep Injection Well

An Inside Look at Our Permitted Sites

(Ward County)
Permit #: (H-1). F-20741
Capacity: 20,000 bbls/day

(Midland County)
Permit #: (W-14). 15532
Capacity: 20,000 bbls/day

Permit #: (W14). 13828
Capacity: 20,000 bbls/day

A Permanent Solution for Managing Complex Waste

Selecting a site for an injection well requires balancing the subsurface, surface, and logistical considerations, and matching them to the waste type, equipment and financial requirements for the project.

The Experience and the Expertise

Our engineers and operational teams have the expertise to design and manage injection projects from start to finish with best practices acquired over decades.