For decades, our team has advised the world's most important oil companies and services companies on all matters of waste management. We provide world class expertise through several different methods tailored to your needs.

Cloud-Based Well Design and Surveillance

Advantek's @SSURE® platform is a cloud-based real-time injection well modeling and monitoring platform.

@SSURE® for Design is enabled by best-in-class technologies like @FRAC3D™, Advantek's 3-dimensional fracture simulator, and @LOG™, Advantek's intelligent rock physics interpretation tool. @SSURE® rapidly screens potential injection well locations to find feasible subsurface strata and provides safe storage volumes for solids and liquids.

@SSURE® for Surveillance monitors actual injection events in real-time and uses guided logic to generate automated alerts to prompt engineering interventions ahead of troublesome operations. @SSURE® can also mine injection history data to improve predictions of operational upsets before formation damage occurs.

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Injection Fracture Modeling

Advantek developed and has used in practice for more than decade @FRAC™, the industry's most powerful hydraulic fracture simulator. @FRAC™ can model multiple vertical, horizontal, or deviated fractures, matrix to fracture transition, flow partitioning across zones, formation damage from injection and other features of typical of injection wells.


Advantek provides expert consulting on waste injection, including feasibility studies, zone selection, project planning, facility design, permitting support, injection management, history matching, interference studies, work over and stimulation design, and others.

Injection Well Testing

Advantek's assists companies with long term well assurance and compliance through intelligent injection monitoring. In addition to standard techniques, we use our patent pending simulator @IPT™, the world's most advanced model for fall of test analysis of fractured completions.

@IPT™ evaluates pressure fall off data from fractured injection operations and identifies features such as extent of the injection frontier, rate of fracture shrinkeage during closure, zonal stress contrasts, and others.

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Waste Disposal Best Practices

Through ten years as the principle investigator on a broad joint industry project, Advantek developed a vast library of injection best practices derived from field case experiences coupled with deep scientific understanding.