Waste Management

Advantek® manages injection well and landfill diversion facilities across the United States to provide a permanent and environmentally friendly solution for managing complex waste.

Corporate Headquarters

The Advantek corporate headquarters, located in Houston, Texas, is home to our executive, engineering, and operating teams.

From our headquarters, we design, permit, build, and operate sites to manage and dispose of waste, rigorously monitor our large scale injection projects, offer consulting services, and ensure overall corporate governance to build a strong internal culture driven to preserving our world for future generations.

Advantek facility locations are meticulously selected to ensure optimal and secure waste storage.

Selecting a site for injection wells requires painstaking research into the geological features of the land and matching them to the waste type, equipment, and financial requirements for the project. Read on to learn more about our current and up-and-coming facilities:

Eagle Ford | Karnes County

Our Karnes County facility located in the core of the Eagle Ford Shale in Texas utilize Advantek’s patented slurry injection techniques to ensure safe, permanent, and cost-effective waste disposal with the smallest footprint and no surface liabilities.

To date, over 15 million barrels of complex wastes from oil and gas operators have been safely sequestered at this site.

Eagle Ford | Dewitt County

Located near the Barnhart Lake reservoir, our DeWitt County facility in Westhoff, TX serves the waste disposal needs of oil and gas sites across the Eagle Ford Shale, providing cost-effective disposal of complex oil and gas waste and reducing the logistics burden of waste transport while preserving the beauty of local natural and historical landmarks for future generations.

Permian Basin | Ward County

Coming soon – our upcoming Permian Basin facility, located in West Texas, will serve as a comprehensive, basin-wide solution for oilfield operators in need of safe disposal of Class II (RCRA exempt) wastes, such as completion waste, drilling waste, production waste, tank bottoms, and truck washout material.

Our Permian Basin site will provide safe, cost-effective sequestration and permanent disposal with no need for additional treatment or transportation.

Permian Basin | Reeves County

Our Reeves County, Texas site provides safe and effective disposal services for both liquid and solid waste in the Delaware Basin. Our patented slurry injection technique sequesters oilfield waste into selected geologic formations to prevent waste migration.

To date, over 4 million barrels of waste have been safely injected at this site.

Shelby County

Our Shelby County site near Nacogdoches, Texas provides safe waste disposal for nearby oil and gas operators using slurry injection—saving on costly trucking to distant landfills while also enabling permanent disposal with the smallest footprint and lowest long-term liability.

To date, over 1.8 million barrels have been safely disposed of at our Shelby County site.

Great Plains | Kansas

Our 230+ acre Great Plains site, located atop one of Kansas’ prolific salt sheets, manages a Class V injection well responsible for beneficially reusing contaminated solid materials from landfills to backfill underground salt caverns and provide a zero-waste landfill diversion program with the smallest footprint and lowest long-term liability.

To date, over 90,000 tons of waste have been safely disposed of at this site.

California | Terminal Island

Advantek’s Terminal Island site in the city of Los Angeles, California is the the largest biomass carbon removal facility in the world. Here, we use the most advanced biosolids management technology to safely dispose of municipal waste and sequester CO2. Carbon removal credits for this site are being marketed by our partner, Vaulted Deep.

With over 450,000 metric tons of biosolids already injected to date, the Terminal Island facility has the capacity to handle all of the city’s biosolid waste for the next century.

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