The Science & Experience to Permanently Sequester Waste in Deep Wells

We are injection well pioneers – enabling human progress by safely removing complex and carbon-bearing wastes from the ecosphere, forever.

Improve Your Well’s Performance


Tons of GHGs Reduced since 2008

Our Team’s Technology Delivers:

Permanent sequestration

Increased capacity per well

GHG avoidance and removal

Deep Expertise consulting that is Second to None

Our Deep Expertise consulting is built upon decades of technology development and real field experience, as evidenced by our vast array of industry literature publications, our portfolio of patents, and our state of the art injection well design and monitoring platform. Taken together, they allow us to simultaneously achieve the highest injection capacities and the assurance that injected materials remain sequestered, permanently.

We push the state of the art forward so that you can rest assured.


Advantek Waste Management Services - Deep Expertise that is Second to None

Advantek Waste Management Services - Building a Cleaner, More Sustainable World


Building a Cleaner, More Sustainable World

Technical Expertise

Advantek® is a world expert in the engineering and operations of injection wells for managing complex and carbon bearing wastes. We enable our partners to InjectWell™ by leveraging our advanced expertise in the disciplines of reservoir geomechanics, well integrity, and well performance.

Industry Leading Services

Since 1999, Advantek has been sharing injection expertise through consulting studies, joint industry projects, best practice libraries, training, and licensing of our proprietary software to many of the world’s most important energy and industrial companies.

Going Beyond Net Zero

Offsetting emissions isn’t enough to restore our climate. That is why we deploy patented technologies to actually remove carbon, going beyond net zero, to reverse the effects of decades of carbon pollution.


Patented Best-in-Class Technologies
to Go Beyond Net Zero


Leading the way in permanent sequestration

For years, others have looked to Advantek to show what is possible using injection wells. Learn for yourself by checking out two of our sites.

Best Practices from Start to Finish

Our engineers and operational teams have the expertise to design and manage injection projects from start to finish with best practices acquired over decades. Our patented software @SSURE® enables the understanding of actual formation behavior before and while injecting.


Front End Feasibility & Permitting

Our team of experts analyzes the injection location to confirm feasibility of safe and extended operations. Once surface and subsurface conditions to inject are checked, our team starts the permitting process with injection well authorities.


Design Review and Confirmation

Initial analysis using offset well data must be reviewed once a well is drilled and final formation properties are gathered.


Ongoing Real-Time Monitoring

Monitoring is crucial for the long term assurance of waste containment and well integrity, as well as the safe maximization of disposed volumes.


Advantek Waste Management Services - Best Practices for Start to Finish

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