Advantek®’s Reeves
County Facility

A Safe and Convenient Solution for Oilfield Liquid and Solid Waste





A Safe Sequestration Solution for the Local Energy Industry

Jointly developed with another operator, our Reeves County facility provides safe and convenient disposal services for managing solid and liquid wastes in the Delaware basin.

Advantek provided subsurface design, and permitting expertise during the development phase, commissioning and operational training during start up, and provides operational monitoring on an ongoing basis for the Reeves County solid waste disposal and injection facility.

Using our proprietary slurry injection techniques, both solid and liquid oilfield waste is disposed of at Reeves. The slurry is injected into naturally occurring hydraulic fractures or those created during the injection process.

Disposal zones were selected to provide waste storage capacity for prolonged injection operations. Strong and impermeable containment zones were identified to confirm isolation of injected fluid from freshwater sources and to prevent waste migration and fracture propagation beyond the disposal horizon.

Advantek constantly optimizes the operation to minimize surface and subsurface risks and to maximize injection capacity through patented real-time surveillance using its @SSURE® platform. This real-time monitoring ensures integrity of the injector and nearby wells, to confirm fluid and fracture containment at all times, and to ensure that the surface pressures and subsurface behaviors are within bounds.

Field operators, subsurface engineers supported by real-time monitoring collaborate to monitor and control the well 24×7, ensuring continuous safe operations at all times.

Accepts both liquids and solids

Conveniently located in the Delaware Basin

Small facility footprint with proven technology and processes to minimize risk

Cost effective solution

CLASS II Deep Injection Well

An Inside Look at Reeves Facility


Reeves SWD


7,360 ft


20,000 bbls/day

Wastes Sequestered

  • Drill Cuttings: Oil Base, Water Base
  • Drilling Mud: Oil Base, Water Base
  • Produced Water
  • Flow Back Water
  • Acid Water
  • Pit Water
  • Tank and Pit Sludge

A Permanent Solution for Managing Complex Waste

Selecting a site for an injection well requires balancing the subsurface, surface, and logistical considerations, and matching them to the waste type, equipment and financial requirements for the project.

The Experience and the Expertise

Our engineers and operational teams have the expertise to design and manage injection projects from start to finish with best practices acquired over decades.