Before an injection project can commence, permits must be obtained from the relevant regulatory agency through step-by-step application processes. The regulations and procedures differ for different injection materials.

In the US, injection wells are broken into 6 classes depending on the type of material being injected. RCRA exempt waste from oil and gas activities are permitted as Class II wells. Municipal and other industrial wastes (hazardous and non-hazardous) require Class I well permits. Biosolids and organic wastes are currently permitted as Class V wells (along with shallow stormwater wells), while CO2 injection uses the newly created Class VI permit.  Each case imposes a long and detailed process to first obtain a well drilling permit followed by the injection permit. 

ADVANTEK has supported or operated multiple classes of injection wells for decades. This substantial operational experience together with 30-plus years of world-class consulting expertise provides a solid foundation to acquire and maintain permits for clients. This involves regulation studies, geological settings and site studies, plume analyses, no-migration petitions, geomechanical analyses for selection of injection layers, engineering and pressure analyses, required test designs, documentation preparation, and ongoing regulatory support.