Injection Well Permitting

Advantek® has extensive experience permitting injection wells of all types. 

Before an injection project can commence, permits must be obtained from the relevant regulatory agency through step-by-step application processes. The regulations and procedures change depending on the injection material. In the US, injection wells are broken into 6 classes depending on the type of material being injected.

Advantek has worked extensively with the appropriate regulatory agencies to permit many types of wells, including for first-of-their-kind wells. Our experience includes:

  • Class I wells: Municipal and other industrial wastes (hazardous and non-hazardous)
  • Class II wells: RCRA exempt waste from oil and gas activities
  • Class V wells: Novel and expermiental technology wells
  • Class VI permit: CO2 injection.

Each class imposes a long and detailed process to first obtain a well drilling permit followed by the injection permit. 

Advantek has supported or operated multiple classes of injection wells for decades. This substantial operational experience together with 30-plus years of world-class consulting expertise provides a solid foundation to acquire and maintain permits for clients. This involves regulation studies, geological settings and site studies, plume analyses, no-migration petitions, geomechanical analyses for selection of injection layers, engineering and pressure analyses, required test designs, documentation preparation, and ongoing regulatory support.

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