The subsurface stress state and its modification due to production or injection related operations are critical determinants in the design and safe operation wells. Well and reservoir geomechanics are an essential part of  any reasonable and acceptable design to accurately evaluate and predict subsurface rock behaviors.

Improper characterization of the subsurface stress state can result in wellbore yielding/instabilities/failure, driving costs, and safety concerns. 

ADVANTEK provides world-class study and consulting in all areas related to well and reservoir geomechanics, including:

  • In-situ stresses, formation properties
  • Horizontal stress directionality
  • Compaction and subsidence
  • Reservoir Modeling
  • Formation Evaluation
  • Wellbore Strengthening
  • Completion design and casing integrity
  • Fault activation / re-activation evaluation
  • Induced seismicity avoidance
  • Wellbore stability and mud weight design
  • Lost circulation
  • Sand production analysis
  • Sand control completions
  • Wellbore strengthening design
  • Salt geomechanics