Well and Reservoir Geomechanics

Understanding reservoir geomechanics is an essential part of managing long term well performance.

Improper characterization of the subsurface rock behaviors can result in wellbore yielding/instabilities/failure, substantial increase in costs, and environmental or safety concerns.

Advantek® provides world-class study and consulting in all areas related to well and reservoir geomechanics, including:

  • In-situ stresses, formation properties
  • Horizontal stress directionality
  • Compaction and subsidence
  • Reservoir Modeling
  • Formation Evaluation
  • Wellbore Strengthening
  • Completion design and casing integrity
  • Fault activation / re-activation evaluation
  • Waste migration and plume studies
  • Induced seismicity avoidance
  • Wellbore stability and mud weight design
  • Lost circulation
  • Sand production analysis
  • Sand control completions
  • Wellbore strengthening design
  • Salt geomechanics

reservoir geomechanics drilling in action