@SSURE® Injection Well Design and Surveillance Platform

Our patented software Platform brings real-time analysis to injection projects.

  • Easy-to-Use Dashboard

  • Cloud-Based

  • Collaborative Tools

Automate Injection Design and Surveillance

Advantek®’s proprietary, cloud-based software platform @SSURE® is the only injection focused design and monitoring package on the market.

Based on over 20 years of continuous software development focused on subsurface injection design and monitoring, @SSURE platform enables the subsurface engineers of all experience levels to perform a broad range of analyses related to fluid injection processes including feasibility designs, real-time sensor monitoring, and advanced pressure transient analyses. With @SSURE, design and surveillance can be automated, using a complete suite of proprietary artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and training data sets.

The patented @SSURE platform was developed to solve two engineering pain points faced in today’s injection projects:

Easy to Use Collaborative Tools

@SSURE platform is easy to use, especially in situations where non-specialists must collaborate on a project. With @SSURE, various data types from different engineering disciplines can be shared with collaborators anywhere in the world.

Assurance of Longevity and Sustainable Operations

Whether completed manually or using the automated tools, @SSURE platform gives team members the ability to access real-time data from wells at multiple field sites and execute detailed well performance analyses using the best-in-class simulators. This also allows for better forecasting of field response.

@SSURE® for Design

Powered by best-in-class design technologies including:

  • @FRAC™ – Advantek’s software for 3-dimensional modeling of hydraulic fracturing
  • @LOG® – Advantek’s intelligent rock physics interpretation tool; software for modeling the geomechanics of formations and analyzing hydraulic fracturing data

@SSURE® for Surveillance

Encompassing patented monitoring technologies including:

  • Monitor injection events in real-time
  • Automatically detect abnormalities and alert users for rapid response
screenshot of Injection Design and Surveillance software

@SSURE® automates injection planning and surveillance via:

  • Fully Integrated Patented Injection Workflows

  • Automated Log Blocking and Petrophysical Analysis

  • Geomechanical Analysis

  • Design of Hydraulic Fracturing Operations & Evaluation Metrics for Stimulation Performance

  • Automated Interactive Pressure Transient Analysis

  • Patented Real-Time Monitoring of Injection Operations for One or More Injection Sites with Centralized Dashboards

  • CO2 Sequestration Applications

  • CO2 Emissions Reporting

  • User-Friendly and Fully Customizable Modular Design

  • Built-In Team Collaboration Features

  • Interactive 2D & 3D Visualizations with an Extensive Database of Onshore and Offshore Wells

  • Advanced Data Analysis Tools with User Accessible Python Backend

  • Immediate Access to Well Database in @SSURE Cloud Storage Services

Advantek® is the name others rely on for Deep Expertise™ in Injection projects.