Injection Feasibility Studies

Our team is the world leader in assessing injection feasibility and design. 

Injection wells have become crucial assets for managing complex wastes and minimizing environmental impact.

A property designed injection well is the lowest cost option for many liquid and sludge type wastes and leaves the generator with no surface liabilities. Fully realizing these benefits requires investment in front end feasiblity study.

The injection feasibility study determines suitable disposal formation targets, predicts injection performance, and provides the design for optimized well injectivity, capacity and operational life.  This generates the necessary front end engineering design (FEED) specifications for the selection of equipment and facilities, including pressure, rate and slurry rheology, as well as well configuration, batch size and optimization of operating parameters.

The use of advanced injection simulators, like our @SSURE® suite, provides for predictions of injection performance upon which optimized operational parameters can be developed.

Graph of injection feasability and design software

Screenshot of a hydraulic fracture shown on Assure well monitoring software

Our injection feasibility studies are supported by our global team of subject matter experts, and by @SSURE®, our patented injection geomechanics software suite.

These studies demonstrate the viability of waste injection projects through:

  • Identification of injection formation(s)
  • Verification of seal containment
  • Fracture geometry supported by @FRAC™ 
  • Formation capacity calculation
  • Risk identification and remediation
  • Site design
  • Operational design  
  • Designing guidelines for operation
  • Full support of personnel and equipment if needed

Advantek has been instrumental in promulgating injection expertise across the world over the past 35 years. We have shared our knowledge through over a hundred technical papers and projects, globally.