The world is rich in many different types of data that when analyzed efficiently can enhance economic and safety outcomes. ADVANTEK’s @SSURE® is a cloud-based, shareable, secure data management web application integrated with automated data acquisition and analytics tools. It is the only tailored platform for injection well operators bringing together real-time and historical field data with analytical packages in a cloud based web application.

ADVANTEK’s @SSURE® includes:

  • A cloud database consisting of data collected from over 4,000,000 wells in North America. The database is updated on a daily basis;
  • An automated data acquisition tool which:
    • Automatically pulls data from digital sensors installed at field sites, third party databases (such as the Machu cloud), public and private websites, and user-supplied data sources; 
    • Dynamically detecting and extracting data from local data folders and attached data files in any trusted email accounts; 
  • Advanced well testing and data analytics tools which can be used or automatically deployed on the stored and real-time data;
  • Automated alerts based on analyzed data to identify subsurface hazards 
  • The ability to integrate with third-party data analytics tools, such as Power BI.