Advantek’s Great
Plains Facility

An environmentally responsible alternative in the midwest region for companies to beneficially reuse wastes



Landfill Diversion Through Beneficial Reuse

Located atop one of Kansas’s prolific salt sheets, Advantek’s Great Plains Facility beneficially reuses contaminated solid materials to backfill legacy underground salt caverns. Due to their completely non-porous and impermeable nature, salt caverns provide the ideal environment for secure and permanent waste isolation. The 60 caverns at our 230+ acre site were formerly used to store LPG products such as propane, butane, etc., and have a total capacity of 6 million barrels.

Utilizing the caverns for waste storage provide numerous benefits:

  • Acceptance of a wide array of liquid or sludge material
  • Waste sequestration with the smallest footprint and lowest long-term liability
  • Provides an option to eliminate landfarming or land spreading of waste or to meet zero-waste and landfill diversion programs
  • Enhances cavern roof stability and protects groundwater
  • Proven long history of use

With real time data transmission and full depth groundwater monitoring wells, we assess the injection process in real time to provide complete assurance of safe operations. Our work verifies that conditions are optimal for a secure and permanent emplacement into the existing underground salt formation.

Enables landfill diversion and beneficial reuse

No surface liabilities

No additional treatment or transportation

Greater protection for surface and underground aquifers

CLASS V Deep Injection Well

An Inside Look at Great Plains Facility

SW-12, AM5,
60 others

526-781 ft

Estimated Capacity
6 Million Barrels

Wastes Sequestered

  • Organic & Carbon-Bearing Waste (Biosoilds, Ag, Manure, Biooil / Biochar)
  • Drilling & Completion Material: Muds, Cuttings, Cement
  • High Chloride Material from Salt Formation Drilling
  • Hydrotest Materials
  • Non-hazardous Industrial Solid Waste Streams (particles, flakes, granules, pulp)
  • Non-hazardous Industrial Wastewater
  • Pipeline Leak/Repair Material/ Pipeline Excavation materials

Illstration of the CLASS V Deep Injection Well at Advantek's Great Plains Facility

A Permanent Solution for Managing Complex Waste

Selecting a site for an injection well requires balancing the subsurface, surface, and logistical considerations, and matching them to the waste type, equipment and financial requirements for the project.

The Experience and the Expertise

Our engineers and operational teams have the expertise to design and manage injection projects from start to finish with best practices acquired over decades.

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