Hydraulic Fracturing & Well Stimulation

Hydraulic fracturing is the required technique to initiate fractures in order to conduct fractured waste injection especially when solids (oil and gas or biowaste) are deposited subsurface.

It is also one of the main techniques to stimulate wells and reservoirs when the permeability is low or impaired. Stimulation is often needed to maintain or improve injectivity.

The design of a hydraulic fracture is a crucial task that involves detailed knowledge of the subsurface formations, geomechanical and leak-off properties to assure the fracture propagates with the desired geometry and that the injectate is contained. Engineered studies and tests must be conducted to achieve the desired results in the hydraulic fracturing and stimulation technique.

Hydraulic fracturing site

Graph of hydraulic fracturing height and length

Advantek®’s world-class knowledge offers the following services for the oil & gas industry as well as waste management operations:

  • Hydraulic Fracturing Design and operation
  • Mini fract tests
  • Monitor and optimize frac operations
  • Vertical multi-batch slurry injection
  • Drill cuttings/oil & gas waste
  • Biosolid waste
  • Horizontal multi-frac & stress shadows
  • Frac closing, reopening, and extension
  • Real-time facture visualization
  • FracPack design
  • Acid stimulation

Injection Fracture Modeling

Advantek developed and has used in practice for more than decade @FRAC™, the industry’s most powerful hydraulic fracture simulator. @FRAC™ can model multiple vertical, horizontal, or deviated fractures, matrix to fracture transition, flow partitioning across zones, formation damage from injection and other features of typical of injection wells.

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