Well Health Analysis

Let us check your well

Advantek® has analyzed and worked in injection wells for over three decades.

Our engineering and operational recommendations have led to extending the wells’ life, increasing the injection capacity, and optimizing the overall injection process in all projects.

By analyzing the historic injection pressures and volumes we can quickly identify if there are issues with your well. After a deeper analysis of well history and activities, we can lay out a plan for well health and injectivity enhancement for long periods of time.

As an example, we follow-up on injection well performance in Texas. We find that at least 23% of about 5,500 wells have injectivity issues or are on the bridge of having them. Not acting on the well signals can lead to premature well decrease in injectivity and potential well plugging and loss.

Screenshot of well health analysis software

Let us perform a quick assessment on your well and define a plan forward for maintaining your well healthier for longer periods of time.

Injection well performance tool showing well health map