Cloud-Based Injection Well Modeling and Surveillance

Advantek®’s @SSURE® platform is a cloud-based real-time injection well modeling and monitoring platform.

@SSURE® for Design is enabled by best-in-class technologies like @FRAC, Advantek’s 3-dimensional fracture simulator, and @LOG, Advantek’s intelligent rock physics interpretation tool. @SSURE rapidly screens potential injection well locations to find feasible subsurface strata and provides safe storage volumes for solids and liquids.

@SSURE® for Surveillance monitors actual injection events in real-time and uses guided logic to generate automated alerts to prompt engineering interventions ahead of troublesome operations. @SSURE can also mine injection history data to improve predictions of operational upsets before formation damage occurs.

Machine Learning (ML) is a new feature added to @SSURE for Design and @SSURE for Surveillance, where log analysis and prediction of injection behavior can be derived from readily available data. Users can also add their own ML Python modules for customized analysis.

Screenshot of the real-time injection well modeling and monitoring platform assure