Injection Regulatory Reporting

Once the injection well permit is issued and in operation, regulations require that wells are monitored, and minimum required information is sent to authorities.

Well monitoring is at the core of Advantek®’s standards of operation as it not only complies with authorities’ requirements but properly monitored wells have proven long operative lives. We have real-time monitoring operations that elevate the standards of any injection well, extending its life and minimizing overall costs.

EPA requirements may include:

  • Average and maximum daily rate and volume of fluids injected
  • Average and maximum injection pressure
  • Sources of injection fluids (including field and formation names)
  • Annual injection report
  • Maintenance of the results of all monitoring until the following permit review
  • Mechanical integrity testing every 5 years

injection well permit checklist

Screenshot of injection regulatory reporting software

Advantek® can help your project from inception to permitting, operations, monitoring, and reporting. We have ample experience in Class I, II, and V monitoring and reporting capabilities. Our expertise includes:

  • @SSURE® for Surveillance, our proprietary software, that connects with on-site sensors for real-time analysis and early risk-identification
  • A dedicated engineering team that can follow up the injection well and adapt operative conditions for continuous injection
  • An engineering team that can help you permit, fulfilling permit requirements during operations and, renew permits.