Resource Description and Development Potential of the Ugnu Reservoir, North Slope, Alaska

R. J. Hallam; E. J. Plekenbrock; A. S. Abou-Sayed; A. M Garon; T. W. Putnam; M. C. Weggeland; K. J. Webb
Presented at: 1991 Western Regional Meeting, Long Beach, CA, March 20-22.


The Ugnu deposit, located on the North Slope of Alaska, contains more than 6 billion bbl [954 × 106 m3] of oil in place (OIP) in the Kuparuk area. The oil has been biodegraded. At reservoir temperature, the dead-oil viscosity varies from 100, 000 to 10, 000, 000 cp [100 to 10 000 Pa·s]. The paper provides reservoir and geological descriptions of the resource and discusses the key aspects affecting development. These aspects include high-temperature formation damage, the projected production performance, and the design considerations for injecting steam through a thick permafrost interval.