Real Time Optimization: Classification and Assessment

Presented at SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, Houston, Texas, September 2004.


The Real-Time Optimization Technical Interest Group (RTO TIG) has endeavored to clarify the value of real-time optimization projects. RTO projects involve three critical components: People, Process, and Technology. Understanding these components will help to establish a framework for determining the value of RTO efforts. In this paper, the Technology component is closely examined and categorized. Levels within each Technology category are illustrated using spider diagrams, which help decision-makers understand the current status of operations and the impact of future RTO projects. Uncertain value perception in our industry has been one of the critical issues in adopting RTO systems. Therefore, case histories are reviewed to demonstrate the impact of RTO projects. To assist RTO project promotion, we list lessons learned through case histories, suggest a justification process, and present a simple economic example.