Laboratory Investigation of Drill Cuttings Disposal By Downhole Injection

Wilson, S.M., Steiger, R.P., Moschovidis, Z.A., Abou-Sayed, A.S., and DeBree, P.H.
Presented at 37th U.S. Rock Mechanics Symposium, ‘Rock Mechanics for Industry’, ed. Bernard Amadei, et al., p. 1009; 1999.



The results of laboratory block fracturing experiments are presented which investigate the dominant fracturing mechanisms associated with drilling-waste injection operations. The tests include injection into reactive and competent shales, high permeability sands, and multi-layered formations of varying permeability. Specific details of proposed fracture mechanism have been confirmed or, where found to be inappropriate, these have been refuted. The results of these experiments help confirm the adequacy of design of injection operations and will continue to assure safe containment of the drilling waste.