Elasto-plastic Behavior of Porous Rocks under Undrained Conditions

Yamada, S.E., Schatz, J.F., Abou-Sayed, A.S., and Jones, A.H.
Source: International Journal of Rock Mechanics Mining Science Geomechanics Abstract V 18, No 2, PP 177-179, April 1981.


It has been shown that the pore pressure behavior in an elastoplastic porous material, under undrained conditions, can be predicted from the unsaturated, zero pore pressure material behavior. In the present analysis, no specific yield function is assumed. The selection of a specific yield function for a specific material is discussed by other authors. Among several assumptions in the present analysis, perhaps the most important one is the terzaghi effective stress for plastic deformation. Although this assumption is often accepted, a comprehensive experimental verification is currently unavailable. Further experimental work in this area would be valuable. (Author/TRRL)