A successful injection well is able to inject the required volume of fluid while maintaining injectivity over time. Injectivity can be impaired by wellbore and fracture damage, fluid incompatibilities among the injected and reservoir fluids, scale and precipitation of solids, sand flow during injection, and or crossflow between layers in a multi-layer injection.

Proper management and system design is critical to maintaining injectivity, and Advantek’s suite of products and services can be instrumental to your site ALWAYS WORKING WELLTM

ADVANTEK’s Fluid Injection Feasibility Studies can verify fluid injection viability using advanced analyses tools (@ssure, @IPT, @Frac) to:

  • Identify injection formation(s)
  • Verify seal containment
  • Analyses to design for matrix or fractured injection
  • Damage analysis and control studies
  • Perform risk identification and remediation
  • Provide site design
  • Provide operational design  
  • Provide guidelines for operation

ADVANTEK’s has performed numerous projects worldwide since 1990 and has published dozens of technical papers into the industry literature on injection-related topics.