Slurry Injection / Cuttings Re-Injection (CRI) is the safest and most economic method of permanently managing complex solid and semi-solid waste and contaminated materials. Engineering methods are used to design and monitor operations to mitigate process risks and ensure the permanent sequestration of the injected materials and protection of groundwater and drinking water resources.

Risks associated with CRI operations include premature well plugging, increases in injection pressure, loss of containment of injected materials and or out of zone propagation of subsurface fissures or fractures. These risks can be predicted and mitigated with close observation of the operation through daily monitoring by expert engineers using advanced monitoring software such as ADVANTEK’s @SSURE®.

ADVANTEK offers:

  • Prediction and mitigation of risks using real-time observation of injection parameters (injection, annulus, and bottomhole pressures, injection rate, and injection fluid properties).
  • Advising on best practices for risk minimization both during design and ongoing operations to establish and confirm safe operating limits during the operation. 
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly calculation of reservoir and fracture properties with ongoing system optimization to assure waste containment while maximizing well capacity
  • Use of conventional and patented advanced pressure transient analyses methods and software (@SSURE® and @IPTTM) in daily, weekly, and monthly analyses to estimate subsurface injection system properties.