The analysis of field data is often labor-intensive and time-consuming. In addition, the analysis can be subjective and its reliability can be highly dependent on the user’s experience and knowledge. Automated and standardized workflows using AI algorithms are therefore essential to improve the analysis efficiency and reliability.

ADVANTEK’s @SSURE®  platform is integrated with standardized workflows, automated algorithms and alert functions that can automatically send text messages and emails. @SSURE® provides automated and standardized analysis including, but not limited to:

  • Automated remote injection operation monitoring on a 24/7 basis;
  • Automated pressure falloff analysis with and without user interaction;
  • Real-time automated alerts and hazard identification from analyzed data
  • Automated log analysis based on standardized or customized workflows that allow rock physical, mechanical and stress states to be derived from well logs;
  • Automated data collection and data collection monitoring.